Hybrid and Virtual Support Program

The Vamonos Hybrid and Virtual Support Program has been designed to assist families who have been affected by the surrounding school districts’ decisions to modify in-school learning opportunities in the 2020/2021 school year.

This program is designed to support the school districts’ provided curriculum that is either a hybrid or a full time virtual learning schedule, which would be led by our staff in smaller group environments.  In most cases, children will not only be grouped by their districts, but also their grade levels and/or schools.

This program will give children the opportunity to socialize with other children in a classroom setting, while also enjoying physical activities and enrichment programs with their peers.  Our program is designed to make the transition into virtual learning comfortable for kids while allowing families the opportunity to balance work, school, and quality care for their children.  Our staff will mentor, guide, and support the children and families that are experiencing the difficulties and challenges during this time.

  • Includes before and/or after care
  • Daily reporting via HiMama, including pictures, videos, and updates
  • Class groupings by districts, schools, and grades
  • Full day and half day programs that supports surrounding districts’ hybrid or full-time virtual learning curriculums
  • Small group sizes
  • Enrichment programs inclusive of music, dance, yoga, fitness activities and more!

For more information:

Phone: 215-622-9630

Email:  info@vamonospa.com


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