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Start right, start at VAMONOS!

We understand the difficulties involved in balancing a career and finding trustworthy and loving care for your child. At VAMONOS, we make it an amazing experience, not only for your child, but for you!

EVERY day brings new experiences and milestones. Children are sponges-and every sound, sight, smell, is an opportunity for learning. You can count on VAMONOS and our staff to attend to your little ones’ every need.  We facilitate a learning environment that stimulates all areas of an infant’s development, while minimizing the use of equipment and focusing on bonding with your child, the benefits of touch, and tons of cuddles!  Our curriculum focuses on fine and gross motor skills, language development, movement, social and emotional skills, and more.  Every child is different and so is their schedule. Our classrooms allow for parents and their babies to determine their own on-demand schedule for feedings and napping.  Rest assure that you will never miss a milestone and will always know what your baby’s day is like!  Diaper changes, bottles, activities, and moods are always noted via our HiMama program.  Pictures and videos will be sent for you and loved ones to enjoy!  We partner with you so that your needs and expectations will be met and exceeded, reassuring you that your child will be loved and cared for while at VAMONOS.


Keep up with me!  A toddler is proudly tackling some new skills-walking, running, talking, singing, and developing faster than the speed of light, in their minds!  Vamonos programs are designed to make the most of their every step of learning.  Toddlers are constantly stimulated to be creative, curious, and explorative individuals; always expanding their hunger for learning and growth.  Our curriculum embraces math, vocabulary, art, science, and problem solving, tailored to the mind of a toddler. Classrooms are filled with fun and age-appropriate toys, games, puzzles, and manipulatives that make learning fun.  As toddlers seek to assert themselves and their new-found skills, teachers use their social and emotional signs to help in the development of communication along the way.


There are so many big milestones your child is achieving in preschool. They’re learning letters, numbers, words, fine tuning motors skills, and more!  They are eager to learn and ask many questions, often asserting their independence.  It is important that we encourage preschoolers to acquire the necessary skills to grow into confident, well prepared kids with the continued desire to learn!

At VAMONOS, children in our preschool program are engaged in learning. They are having fun and developing math and reading skills while playing and participating in activities geared specifically for them.  In addition, social skills are an intricate part of a successful path towards PK and Kindergarten.  Kids are involved in small and large group instructional time, where our teachers focus on each child as an individual, helping them thrive through encouragement of play, turn-taking, and teamwork.  Handwriting Workbooks, journaling their path in learning, and weekly take-home activities are a big part of our preschool program!

“You are able to see the smiles and interactions they show on their HiMama site of your own children on how their day is going and what they have been up too. My son who is in kindergarten now is one of the top students in his class because he had the right learning and curriculum needs while in daycare.”

Jennifer T. | Vamonos Parent


Learning goes further in Pre-K!  Children can express themselves through writing, drawing, and an overall deeper understanding and appreciation of their own knowledge.  They will be able to effectively implement their independence in an organized environment that stimulates problem solving, self-guided activities, small and large group participation, and an ability to explore a variety of cultures and math challenges.

Our teachers focus on each child as an individual, helping them thrive through the encouragement of exploration, play, and teamwork.  They follow a detailed curriculum that exceeds state requirements.  Not only does the curriculum emphasize academics, it reinforces life and social skills such as communication, respect, caring, and sharing. The development of these skills will be very useful in Kindergarten and thereafter. Handwriting Workbooks, journaling their path in learning, weekly take-home activities, and tech time with in classroom computers and tablets are all a part of our Pre-K program!  At VAMONOS, the nurturing care and academic foundation will give your Pre-Kindergartener the skills needed to maneuver through Kindergarten confidently and successfully!


Finding reliable before- and after-school care can be hard to come by. Our before and after care programs go beyond homework assistance and tutoring.  We support our children in becoming their best through a hands-on approach and by providing an environment best suited for them to grow.

Transportation to and/or from Surrounding Schools:  Safety is our number one priority.  Vamonos offers safe and reliable transportation from numerous surrounding schools to our centers. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your child is safe in our care.