Come join Vamonos for a summer filled with fun! A great combination of fun activities, theme based learning and adventure is waiting for your children this summer. Limited space available so be sure to contact us today.

Our 2021 Summer Camp is $245/ per week


  • Full Child Care available from 7 AM to 6 PM (before and after care!)
  • Two craft activities each day
  • Two snacks each day
  • In House activities, such as puppet shows, petting zoo, yoga class, dance class and water play.
  • Activities are themed weekly and tailored around that theme
  • Optional weekly swimming and field trips ($50/week)

Weekly Theme: Around the World

This week comes with a lot of exploration via our travels! Our passports will be stamped through Mexico, Brazil, Italy, Africa, and China! We will explore art, costumes, foods, games and more during our travels!

Weekly Theme: Princess, Heroes & Villains

Unlock your inner powers during this adventure-filled week! Discover your strengths as you challenge villains through various adventures. Learn about real life heroes, creating comic strips, and gain some secret powers! No princess left behind!

Weekly Theme: Island Adventure

Our Island Adventure week will take campers on an exciting trek through the wonders of nature surrounding us. Campers’ imaginations will climb to new heights in the mountain climbing themed adventure.

Weekly Theme: Summer Wars

What team will earn gold, silver, or bronze? This week will be filled with not just athletic challenges and obstacles! Teams will be competing in some challenging feats of strength, stamina, brains, and hidden talents.

Weekly Theme: Pirate Life

Shiver me timbers! Sail through this week by becoming a pirate! Campers will forget being a kid to look for treasures and create awesome “arrr”-t.

Weekly Theme: Roblox, Minecraft, Among Us

It is time to unleash your creativity! Campers will dive into a week where imagination takes priority over competition and build their own 3D world.

Weekly Theme: Color Wars

Get ready as we take campers on a colorful adventure! Prepare for the week to be filled with color with tie-dye, spin art, painting, and a color run!

Weekly Theme: Movie Trivia

Show off your skills as we question your memory! This week will test our campers’ trivia knowledge about the most popular and favorite movies!

Weekly Theme: All Sports

Tie up your shoes as you step into this amazing week of your best summer ever! This week will be filled with team challenges as we discover all different kinds of exciting sports. On your mark, get set, go!

Weekly Theme: Time Travelers

Fasten your imagination, we are traveling into time! This week, campers will travel back in time, voyaging through ancient Egypt, the Stone Age, the Middle Ages and much more!

Weekly Theme: Engines, Architecture, Science

Challenge your brain through constructing buildings and skyscrapers, exploring engines and investigate different science experiments!

“We had been going to another daycare prior and felt like just another number. Now we feel like we’re part of a family. My older sons communication skills have improved as well as his love of learning. My one year old has fallen in love with his teachers and other staff members.”

Jamie G. | Vamonos Parent